Ultimate Panic Flight
Arcade , Action

Ultimate Panic Flight is a flying game where your reflexes are put to the ultimate test!

Ultimate Panic Flight is a fun, addictive and free arcade game. In control of planes with a cartoon design you have to achieve dangerous missions all around the world in an endless flying game.

- 3 game modes (academy, missions and endless flight)
- 11 planes to unlock
- 32 trips to discover
- 98 quests to complete
- 47 equipments to improve piloting
- score tables by plane, friends and all players
- overtake your friends during the infinite flight mode race

The planes' control is simple, but it also requires to show dexterity to master it. Besides, many dangers await you: skyjackers, UFOs, lightning and dark clouds that seem alive, ...

Watch your fuel gauge, pick up the coins, collect trophies, upgrade your planes, achieve quests, post your successes and compete with other players in this great graphics game!

My current needs

I'm looking for publishers for following countries and region: Russia, India, China, South Korea, South East Asia.

iOS, Android, Web
Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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(Last modified on 2017-07-25)
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