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Savage Yeti Games - Australia

PatchWord revolutionizes word games. Stitch randomly generated letters together to make words and turn your PatchWord board into a single color. Longer words score more points, seven+ letter words score bonus points. Choose carefully though, each word can only be used once per game. Challenge Facebook friends to beat your score playing the exact same game, or accept challenges from them.

With random boards and no predefined solutions players are free to solve each game board however they want.  Each valid word made causes the letters used to change colour.  Tiles can change colours numerous times in any game but the catch is that each word can only be used once per game, with a game usually lasting many game boards.

Free to play and offering freeform word play with no levels or pay-to-win options, PatchWord is a challenging, skillful and totally fair way to determine who is the biggest Word Nerd!

iOS, Android
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