The Walking Eddie
Puzzle , Platform
The Walking Eddie - Estonia
Help your best zombie friend Eddie "survive" by controlling the environment using different items in challenging puzzles.

Eddie is a non-controllable character that will follow his instincts no matter what. You will have to use the items provided in each of the stages for guiding your zombie friend to reach his meal.

The first part of our adventure takes place in a cottage house at the Peipsi järv. It’s a warm summer (well not that much, we are talking about Estonia after all), but during some disease outbreak, your best friend Eddie is contaminated and becomes a zombie. Now he is green, stupid and stinky; and you are the one who must help him to “survive”, proving that a true friendship is unbreakable.

Eddie likes brains, use yours to help him!

You can play the game for free on Android and coming soon for iOS

iOS, Android
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