Random Fighters
Puzzle , Action
Whootgames - Spain

We are selling our Random Fighter's IP, an action/puzzle game with more than 400k downloads only on Android! to anyone who want to own the game (for monetization, porting it to iOS...)

We offer the IP and the Source Code

The game features

  • Action and puzzles mashed together as you have never seen.
  • Classic battleship-like turn based action.
  • Thrilling puzzle battles.
  • Exciting hand to hand fighting with combo and guard systems. 
  • 5 playable characters to lead to victory.
  • Amazing pixel-art environments. 
  • Single player story mode and online mode.
  • Free!

The game is already on the market, has more than 400k downloads, and it is ideal for a company or a publisher who want to:

- Own the complete IP and Source Code (Unity)

- Port the game to iOS for a complete new market

- Implement a better-than-us monetization strategies

Due to personal reasons we will not be available to maintain or update the game.

We're in a rush here, so we are listening for offers on the next two weeks if possible.

Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
data available for registered users with a profile fully filled out
(Last modified on 2017-12-11)
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