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Atlangames is a French cluster dedicated to the video games industry in the west of France.

Our focus is on:

  • Accelerate the development of the companies
  • Attract competences on the territory
  • Export regional expertise
  • Encourage the establishment and the entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate the coproduction and the joints projects
Font Mystery
Puzzle , Casual/Social

Font Mystery is a mobile puzzle game where you have to identify fonts of famous movies, rock bands, comics, cartoon movies, TV or video games.

Famous movies or rock bands are written with so uniques fonts that you can identify them automatically when you see a poster. What if thoses fonts are used with a differente sentence, can you realise where they come from ? In Font Mystery you have access of various categories : movies, TV shows, rock bands, comics, cartoon movies and video games. Try to find each fonts and prove that you are a real fan !

iOS, Android, Windows Phone
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