Date: 12-14 July 2016
Location: Brighton, England
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Shift Happens
Platform , Puzzle

Shift Happens is a cooperative platformer for two. You and a friend shift your mass, throw each other and puzzle your way through four stages of stylized imaginary worlds. Including the occasional backstabbing and taunting. Play with a friend on a couch, online or even special singleplayer levels.

Shift Happens is a puzzle platformer focusing on cooperation and with great couch compatibility. At its core the game revolves around the "Shift" and the two protagonists "Bismo" and "Plom". Bound together by accident, they can shift their masses between each other. If one of them shifts, they both change their sizes: the big gets small and the small one gets big! This core mechanic allows for challenging puzzles and funny interaction between the players. Cooperation and communication is the key to succeed.

The game consists of four stages: the laboratory, the forest, the canyon and the grotto. Each with a unique art-style and gameplay. Besides the multiplayer Shift Happens also comes with a singleplayer mode that has a whole different set of level content.

My current needs

Interested in bringing the game to Nintendo Switch. We are also interested in support and publicity for our consoles launch (PS4 + Xbox One).

PS 4, XBox One, PC Casual
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