GIST (Istanbul)
Date: 2-5 February 2017
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Official website

Words from the event: We love Indies because we know, all creativity and different point of views that industry needs are coming forward from this independent teams.
That’s exactly why, we want to support indie game developers as Gaming Istanbul. You can show your games to the GIST visitors, arrange B2B meetings to find your future distrubitor/investor for your game by getting free indie booth that we especially created for you!

After the event is over, some indie games will be shown here below on AdoptMyGame - so people who couldn't make it to Istanbul will be able to discover those games and contact their developers for business opportunities! For the people who attended, it is also a perfect place to retrieve details about all the games and to follow-up!
Platform , Puzzle

Try to reach the exit door each level.

The arrow keys on the bottom left of the screen helps you to move and tap anywhere to jump.

19 unique levels with unexpected traps are waiting for you.

-Zorty Games

My current needs

-Investment to make IOS version of this game and improve the graphics.

-Hardcore audience.


iOS, Android
Regions / Audience / Game status / Remaining development time / Necessary funding:
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