GIST (Istanbul)
Date: 2-5 February 2017
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Official website

Words from the event: We love Indies because we know, all creativity and different point of views that industry needs are coming forward from this independent teams.
That’s exactly why, we want to support indie game developers as Gaming Istanbul. You can show your games to the GIST visitors, arrange B2B meetings to find your future distrubitor/investor for your game by getting free indie booth that we especially created for you!

After the event is over, some indie games will be shown here below on AdoptMyGame - so people who couldn't make it to Istanbul will be able to discover those games and contact their developers for business opportunities! For the people who attended, it is also a perfect place to retrieve details about all the games and to follow-up!
Pocket Universe : Create Your Community
Role Playing , Strategy/RTS

The United Nations has gathered a team of the worlds foremost scientists. The task of the team was to do experiments on the theory of relativity. Experiments have begun to give results that no one ever expected. And scientists succeeded in creating an incredible invention, They managed to create a pocket universe but it was small. 

With this end result of United Nations officials, they wanted to stop the other experiments and only work on the pocket universe experiment. The work went great, and even though there were small differences, they managed to create a similar universe to our universe.

Now the universe was ready for what it was used for. Members of the United Nations believed that the pocket universe was safe and convenient for conducting secret and important research and experiments. Enter internet site for more Story

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PC Casual, PC Midcore/Hardcore
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