Game Connection (SF)
Date: 27 Feb - 01 March 2017
Location: San Francisco, USA
Official website

We were at Game Connection America 2017 to show the AMG Awards winners.

Find them here below as well as games from some developers participating at the event!

Alice VR
Simulation , Adventure
Klabater - Poland

Inspired by adventures of Alice in Wonderland, this sci-fi adventure game explores the capabilities of Virtual Reality. You will face numerous three-dimensional puzzles and choices that will help you discover the secret of lost inhabitants of the mysterious planet.

The main character lands his spacecraft on an alien planet in order to replenish the supplies lost due to a technical malfunction. A seemingly easy task turns out to be more and more complicated as it turns out that all citizens of the planet have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The character has to deal with a series of puzzles designed specifically for Oculus Rift, and make some decisions that will help him understand what has happened to the dwellers of the planet.

The authors of ALICE VR use the powerful tool, which is Unreal Engine 4, in order to create credible and ravishingly beautiful game world. During the adventure, the player takes the journey through visually distinct locations, among which are futuristic interiors of the spacecraft and ancient-like city established by an alien civilization.

My current needs

We are looking for new monetization methods such as VR arcade centers and bundling. We are also happy to discuss retail release.

Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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