Good Game (Warsaw)
Date: 23-25 September 2016
Location: Warsaw, Poland
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Players are the most important for us in the process of creating GOODGAME. Technologies, novelties, premiers, each exhibitor will have a chance to reach more than 20 000 gaming freaks. In this category, you will see indie games showcased at the event.
Sweet Little Emma PlaySchool 1 + 2
Educational , Family

All in One educational and enjoyable Girls game with Math Play, Music, Paint, Breakfast, Shapes, Paint, Clock, Sandwich, Clean Up School Bus & Space adventures with cute aliens and much more.

Sweet Little Emma dreams of going to school and learning a lot of new things. She is a little too young for it but she wants to get ready! Meet little Emma in her dream Playschool to play and learn!

This game is specially designed for kids to play and learn for fun.

In this super colorful and exciting game kids will learn math, music, colors, cooking and creative kids crafts. Sweet Little Emma will also invite kids to design the most beautiful school uniforms or play in the space with catch and help cute aliens.

My current needs

We have created 8 Kids Games and published (with Tuttotoons) on Apple, Amazon and Google. Still we work on new Emma Games and in 2017 we will start own Label and we look for seriously Support and Partner in Marketing and Flash Programming.

iOS, Android, Other Mobiles
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