Indie Games Play (Paris)
Date: 24-25 October 2016
Location: Paris, France
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Indie Games Play 7 is showcasing games which have been selected from a large amount of candidates to exhibit at the show. Official partner, AdoptMyGame lets you quickly see precise details and assets about them online too.
Action , Arcade

Action oriented planet-jumping shooter with swarm of enemies to destroy while exploring galaxies of planets. After addidentally crash-landing on a distant planet, will you take up arms ad fight to become the saviour of the universe?

We play as a decent, although clumsy little robot who crashed on the unknown planet. Chased by wild beasts, he finds an ancient artifact – an armor giving uncredible combat capabilities. Thanks to the armor, he manages to overcome the attack. His actions are noticed by a robot organization sourcing raw materials and immediately decides to enlist the little klutz, making him a hero. With the sense of pride and mission and equipped with the armor, our hero journies planets full of wealth and danger, insuring victory for robots. However, do we choose the right side?

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PS 4, PC Casual, PC Midcore/Hardcore
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