Radius Festival (Vienna)
Date: 21-24 July 2016
Location: Vienna, Austria
Official website

AdoptMyGame is an official partner of RADIUS VIENNA. Games from developers attending the event will be gathered here. Check out our Twitch talk and the games exhibited at the event below.
Adventure , Other

Stifled is a Mic-Enabled Sound-Based Stealth Thriller, where sound is the only way you see and the enemies HEAR your fear.

In Stifled, the sounds made by your in-game character and yourself through microphone input reveal the otherwise hidden world through ‘echolocation’. However, undue noise will attract the attention of creatures lurking in the darkness. To survive, you will have to tread the line between making sounds to see, and staying quiet to stay hidden.

My current needs

Looking for PC and Console Publishers in China, Japan and Korean regions.

Looking for VR/Microphone hardware producers for potential partnerships

PS 4, XBox One, PC Midcore/Hardcore
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