Radius Festival (Vienna)
Date: 21-24 July 2016
Location: Vienna, Austria
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AdoptMyGame is an official partner of RADIUS VIENNA. Games from developers attending the event will be gathered here. Check out our Twitch talk and the games exhibited at the event below.
From Darkness
Other , Educational

A documentary single player experience that leads its players towards the roots of flight and migration in the Eastern African reality between boom region and resource material conflicts.

From Darkness” is an interactive single player experience that leads its players towards the roots of migration in Eastern Africa. The project‘s aim is to use the form of a game-based documentary to engage the audience to form an own opinion, to inform about and immerse into the challenging African reality in between high-tech boom, struggles of daily life and resource material conflicts.The game is based on research in Kenya and Uganda, aided by African NGOs for human rights and African social workers. The players experience these stories through the eyes of a mother who is trying to find her missing daughter in Nairobi. In the process of interacting with the documentary, they literally uncover layers of stories, memories and political contexts, creating their own landscapes and documentaries.

PC Casual, Other PC
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