RESPAWN (Cologne)
Date: 15-16 August 2016
Location: Cologne, Germany
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The basic thought behind RESPAWN is to create a relaxed and unconstrained forum where game developers, trade visitors and students can connect and exchange ideas.
In this category, you will see games from developers who attended the event.
Puzzle , Adventure

unWorded is a game where everything is built from letters. Create objects using those letters and dive into the mind of a writer and experience is inner creative world.
Hospitalized after a serious accident, a writer reflects about his life by the means of strange and wondrous tales.

unWorded is a linear story composed of puzzles. This puzzles consist mainly in assembling letters by dragging them on the canvas in order to form an object. The object is always hinted at in the text preceding is creation.

unWorded is a fully independent production made in less than a year mainly by 2 persons : Benoit breathes life in the games, making art, sounds and musics, and Séverin get the engine running with his programming. Together we design and write our games, build them, play them, talk about them, argue, rebuild them, and dream of doing some more.

With unWorded we accomplish a long-awaited dream of doing a narrative game, to be able to focus on telling a meaningfull story.

iOS, Android, PS 4, PC Casual
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