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Hi there! Kaia Studios here, an indie game studio based in Bilbao, Spain. Founded in 2015 by four former DigiPen Institute of Technology students and a Fine Arts student from University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU). We were born to create exciting video game experiences, focused on pure entertainment for people willing to have fun.

We are currently working on Dynasty Feud a multiplayer, fast-paced, team-based, platformer brawler.

Games from Kaia Studios

Dynasty Feud
Arcade , Action
Kaia Studios - Spain

Dynasty Feud is a competitive, team based, fast-paced platform brawler for 2-4 players. Fight with 40 characters divided in 8 dynasties belonging to different historical civilizations and cultures composed by five members. One-hit-kill system, multiple fighting styles and Warden Spirits.

Dynasty Feud is a crazy 2D fighting game for 2-4 players (local and online), in which dynasties of different historical ages will fight until only one of them remains alive. Axes, bullets, katanas and anything imaginable combined to bring fighting games to a new dimension. A chaotic fun experience based on titles such as Smah Bros., Towerfall Ascension or Duck Game.

These dynasties will be composed of up to 5 different members and fighting skills, agility or size will vary drastically from one character to another, providing the game with a massive variety and ways of playing. There are also the Warden Spirits of each dynasty, spiritual protector entities that are invoked to help their warriors. They will haunt players while waiting for the next character to appear. Vikings, Westerners, Japanese or Aztecs are some of the dynasties you may find in the game.

PC, Playstation
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