1. What is AdoptMyGame?

AdoptMyGame is a B2B platform to present game projects and establish contacts between developers and publishers, investors and players.

2. Who can submit projects on AdoptMyGame?

Anyone who is a legitimate game maker and is willing to share information about their work and be contacted by professionals or enthusiasts of the games industry.

3. Do I have to pay for the registration of my account or my games?

No, it is completely free.

4. What should I do to add the game?

Register a Developer account (fill out required information such as acceptance of Terms of Service), Click on Add game, Add information and assets required in the game’s edition menu. Then AdoptMyGame’s team will verify that the project is legitimate and approve it.

5. I know someone who has a game that should be on AdoptMyGame. What can I do?

Contact the creator of the game and suggest him to add it on AdoptMyGame.

6. What happens once my game is approved?

It will be visible on the main dashboard with all games. Via the game, there is a button directing other users to your profile.

7. How is the game’s position/order on the main dashboard or on featured categories decided?

AdoptMyGame’s team decides of the position of your project. Every user has its own dashboard however, so everybody can tag, remove, enlarge games as they wish, and also curate them by filtering through the Filters bar or the Search bar.

8. Is it possible to edit the game project after placing it on adoptmygame.com?

Of course! We encourage you to share up-to-date information, not to mislead publishers and investors with an information not currently viable.

9. Are there any restrictions to the addition of games?

Your game can not contain offending elements or infringe other persons’ copyright or intellectual property rights.

10. Do I have to add my project as a company or a private person?

You can add your project both as a company or a private person.

11. For what platform should the projects be?

They can be for any existing device that runs software applications.

12. What if someone else posted my game?

Please send us your issue at info@adoptmygame.com. We can remove the project added or transfer it under another account.

13. Can my games be unfinished, or on the other hand, can they already be released?

You can add projects in production, at any stage of production. You can also add games which are already released as long as you are willing to talk about releasing it on a new platform or a new region or channel with some partners.

14. Where are the Terms of Service and Privacy and Cookies Policy?

Click on the links to read them: Terms of Service / Privacy and Cookies Policy


1. Until when can I submit a game for the AdoptMyGame Awards?

Games for the AdoptMyGame Awards can be submitted until 31.08.2016.

2. What is the main prize of the AdoptMyGame Awards?

The game which will be selected as the winner in October will grant its developer the first Prize: $ 10,000 + $ 5 for each Participating Game (so if 200 games Participate, the Prize will be $ 11,000). So, the more games, the bigger the prize!

3. In which categories can be nominated for the game?

Games can be nominated in the following categories:
  • a) Best Mobile Game
  • b) Best PC / Consoles Game
  • c) Best Online / Web Game
  • d) Best Design / Story
  • e) Best Gameplay
  • f) Best Graphics
  • g) Most Innovative
  • h) Best Game Concept
  • i) Best Trailer

4. I have several game projects, can they all compete for AdoptMyGame Awards?

Yes, there is no limitation on the number of games which can compete under a unique account.
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