Pixel Heaven (Warsaw)

Date: 25-28 May 2017
Location: Warsaw, Poland
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AdoptMyGame is proud to partner with Pixel Heaven!
It's all about adrenaline and 8-bit blood dripping down the screen. And creative, independent and unconstrained gamedev. We launched in late spring 2013. The ripples included an Event of the Year nomination from Aktivist! magazine.
A year later Pixel Heaven was visited by 3000 people: gamers, gamedev representatives from Poland and abroad, and the media. This time we will have for you 100+ stations ready for non-stop play including ZX Spectrum, Atari, Commodore, Amiga, Amstrad, arcades, consoles and inventions from past days. And among that be ready for Indie Basement 4.0 including DEV.CONNECT conference, PIXEL.EXPO exhibition and PIXEL.AWARDS for the best indie games presented at the show, freeplay pinball machines, comics, movies, board games, contests and much more, including afterparty of course!

Discover below some of the participants' games.
Sand is the Soul
Adventure , Action
MGP Studios - Poland

You arrived at the Frontier, the border between familiar lands and the autonomy of CrossHill. It is of utmost importance you deliver the depeche entrusted upon you to the local authorities. Your actions and decisions will define your story and tale.

Enter Sand is the Soul: a multiple choice/ending sidescrolling beatemup/aRPG set in a gloomy, psychedelic Victorian postpunk setting.

Sand is the Soul started out as a simple side scrolling beatemup in the vein of FinalFight or GoldenAxe. It quickly evolved into something much larger.

The game features a distinct lore and no hand holding to the extreme. The player is chucked in the deep end from the getgo is practically given complete freedom from the start to achieve 1 of 14 endings.

How you accomplish your mission (or not) is up to you. Be it by abandoning your assigned task and returning home, getting addicted to the Sand (the golden mean of the lore) and ending up as one of the many junkies in the streets, joining a conspiracy to overthrow the government, or simply being a boy scout and saving the day.

Or have a relationship with woman or man, or be a complete jerk and reap the benefits, learn new combat styles, rob the shops... This and much much more awaits you and it's all up to you.

My current needs

Sand is the Soul is practically finished and in final phases of cleanup and tweaks and Beta feedback adjustments. 

Looking forward to getting in touch with potential publisher and/or funding, distribution methods etc. 

Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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