ReVersed (Vienna)
Date: 6-9 July 2017
Location: Vienna, Austria
Official website

ReVersed is the all-inclusive games festival, inviting the most creative developers from all around the world to showcase their latest & greatest creations for all of Vienna and our international viewers to see.

AdoptMyGame is proud to partner up with this celebration of games and let you discover exhibiting projects here below.
Wacko Software - Austria

A puzzle game involving chickens, evil ducks, complicated junctions, and lots and lots of coloured eggs!. It's freely available and downloadable for the PC (Windows, Linux and DOS). It even comes with a built-in level editor so you can make your own levels you can play and share with others.

Guide your chickens from one end of a spaghetti junction of pipes to the end of the level while avoiding the ducks. The Chickens lay eggs in four different colours, and you have to guide the egg to the incubator of the same colour to hatch.

The junctions consist of pipes, interchanges, command blocks, and other obstacles. The main control the player has over the game is the ability to switch the paths of some of the pipe interchanges, so the player can guide everything to where they want it to go.

Some of the interchanges have a red pipe running underneath. If at least one object is traversing this red pipe, the state of the interchange and does not revert to its unchanged state until the red pipe is empty. This makes it possible to construct things like logic-gates out of pipes. These can be combined to create computational logic circuits.

My current needs

I am looking for an artist, a level designer, and someone to work on the sound-effects.

Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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