Trains VR
The House of Fables - Poland

Trains VR is a casual model railway based puzzle game in which players can fulfil their childhood dream of not only constructing the most ingenious train routes but also experience riding them as a locomotive driver

Trains VR is an unique experience, allowing gamers to feel the fun of building, planning, experimenting, play more than one role in the same game. Accompanied by a beautiful toy-like graphic style and logic puzzles, the title will guarantee many hours of creative fun for gamers of all ages.

Inspired by the universally-loved model railway, the game offers the same amount of fun without the hassle of cleaning, using up lots of space or constantly looking forlost railway pieces. The project created in the vr technology makes it unnecessary to build the whole infrastructure, to be in a completely new reality. In our private room we have tracks and trains. We can discover what it's like to be an architect and conductor.

Virtual Reality
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