Arcade , Puzzle
Golden Laugh Studio - Canada

Brainstorm is a couch-puzzle-party game that allow to play up to 4 players. The main goal is to set pieces on the targets as fast as possible but also with good precision. 

Brainstorm offer 3 modes to play:

  • Thought Experiment:  Singleplayer only, this mode require the player to achieve a minimum score to reach next level.

  • Brainstorm:  (2~4 players) The coop mode allow each players to work on the same puzzle. They have access to a single zone and need to share "the ideas" to complete the puzzle.
  • Clash of Ideas:  (2~4 players) Not everyone can agree to a single project. Prove your friends your Ideas are the best! Every players have to complete his own puzzles as fast as they can to gain the most points!

New modes will be added soon:

  • Racing:  In this mode the players will have to carry "Ideas" in a trailer attached to the back of ther brain car. The goal is to finish the race first but also with a maximum of ideas.

  • Dodgeball: This mode is a free for all battle using a bit of the dodgeball rules. 
PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo
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