Battle Rockets
Arcade , Shooter/FPS
Gumbo Machine - USA

Get ready for launch with Battle Rockets, the Shoot 'Em Up/Fighting hybrid designed for PS Vita! Fight side-by-side using 1 of 8 characters, each player operating one end of the system. Take Battle Rockets with you, and find a challenger anywhere! No online connection required!

Battle Rockets is fully intended to remain a PS Vita exclusive, as we feel this handheld can best express our vision.

In Battle Rockets, each player uses their end of the Vita handheld (or DualShock) to move and fire. Players can use 4 different moves (including a Special Move that is unique to each of the 8 characters).
Although our game is purely gameplay-focused, we have prepared a brief backstory:
Years after humanity begins dumping electronic waste past Earth's orbit, many trashed game systems become engulfed in a radiation field. Prolonged exposure contorts them into sentient robots called Console-tans (-tan being a contraction of constellation). Now, birthed in a remote landscape, these beings must determine who will reign supreme!
There will be 3 multiplayer modes: Duel Shock, Cash Grab, and Quick Draw. In addition, Battle Rockets offers 8 single-player Challenges.
All gameplay is complete, and included in a PC demonstration. This can be provided upon request.
Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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