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Font Mystery
Puzzle , Casual/Social
Creative Brothers - France
Font Mystery is a casual puzzle quiz game with a unique theme. 
You have to find the title of a famous work like "Star Wars", "ACDC", "Tomb Raider"  with the unique form of the font & a sentence.
Only a good visual memory is required!

Font Mystery is a puzzle quiz game in which you have to find where different fonts come from in over 200 different levels.

Note that texts are written in black and white and only a good visual recognition of forms will help you!

Themes of this quiz are multiple and can be sorted in accordance with the different categories: TV shows, Movies, Animated movies, Graphic novels, Bands.

To help you to progress and to discover other levels in the quiz you have access to a large choice of bonuses.

Will you manage to guess where all the fonts come from?

Font Mystery is a single-player quiz game but it is highly recommended to invite friends and familiy to complete the differents levels.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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