GIST (Istanbul)
Date: 31 Jan - 3 Feb 2019
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
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Words from the event:
We love indies. We believe indie spirit is the fuel of every great game in gaming history. Every great game we played, had a core team of indies at heart, working for bringing the next best game for us all.
And the least we can do is, support this beautiful spirit, for future of games & gamers. Every year, at Gaming Istanbul, we provide spaces & booths free of charge for all indies out there. Our indie exhibitors can also develop business in our professional area, while showing their games to tens of thousands of professional visitors & gamers.
Discover some of our previous indie exhibitors below, and apply for GIST 2019 now!
Check below some games from this and previous events.
Action , Adventure
Wily Pumpkin - Turkey

Light beam and the loneliness afterwards. How will you survive? Potentia is preparing to give a new impulse to its genre. It's aiming to get credit of all players with combination of adventure, action and tension and with its highly ambitious story.

Clear your way with close combat. The situations which require stealth or ranged attack, use your bow to hunt your enemy down. When the things go wrong, switch to your reliable assult rifle. For the worst case, always keep your pistol somewhere near. Well, most importantly, manage your ammunation wisely. If you want to be the survivor, you have to use your items carefully.

  • Experience the unbelievable story behind the characters.
  • Choose your style! You can rather get into some action or sneak through your enemies.
  • Follow your instincts. Use the assistant vision to find objects that you can interact with.
Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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