SGC (Ljubljana)
SGC is an annual conference on the development, design, marketing and business of game development. An Indie Expo Area is dedicated to showing fascinating indie projects which are also visible here below.
Adventure , Shooter/FPS
6Pills Games - Slovenia

Floatlands is a lowpoly survival-exploration fps game in singleplayer mode with multiplayer to be added later on. Game is currently in early development with set goals. We will strive to make regular updates for players and listen to their feedback, because we think that only this will make the game relevant and exciting to play.

  • You will play a robot as the main protagonist.

  • Game world will consist of several biomes: normal, desert, snow, scorched. These worlds will be unique all the time because they will be randomly generated.

  • There will be random events/quests (defending, collecting, exploring) across the world to complete - these will also be randomly generated.

  • You can choose different play styles - an explorer or you can be an aggressive player that wants to eliminate threats of well being. Important part will be the resource gathering aspect. With gathered resources you’ll be able to build and upgrade your own custom base/shelter and defend from enemies. 
PC, Xbox, Playstation
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