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Zygobot is a company dedicated to making fun multimedia experiences...and we want to have a good time doing it! Our developers seek out properties and concepts that we enjoy, knowing that the enthusiasm and excitement will extend to the player.

Having worked for years in the video game industry, we have bided our time, accrued a wealth of knowledge, and stockpiled a backlog of ideas and creations that we are eager to unleash on a world hungry for entertainment! We look forward to introducing a whole new brand of games, animations, and interactive experiences!

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Action , Adventure
Zygobot - USA

The time: 250 million years ago. Land means life upon a supercontinent known as Pangea. 4 mighty species now wage war in a RACE TO EXTINCTION! Choose your dino clan. Choose your tank. But choose carefully...each combination has its own strengths! Do you want speed or brawn? Do you want agililty or stamina? Upgrade your resources to battle other dinos for superiority. Dominate and conquer them all!

Players choose from a colorful array of available dinosaurs and tanks, each having attributes that differ from the others — the selected combination will affect whether the player is strong, fast, or tough!

Combatants chisel away at each other’s health with standard shells and special dino attacks. Both methods have a cool-down period…so players need to use their weapons judiciously!

Various theaters of war are available to choose from. Snowswept glaciers, volcanic craters, breezy grasslands, arid deserts, and more are all fertile lands for combat!

Power-ups that boost speed, health, fire rate, and more are randomly dropped throughout the landscape -- be quick or an opponent will grab them first!

If players are not patient (or quick) enough for power-ups, they can visit the shop to purchase upgrades as well as enahncements to their equipment!

PC, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
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