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LoopyMood is an independent game developing studio. Currently working on AntVentor game. AntVentor is a Point & Click game about inventor ant and his adventures in photo-realistic macroworld

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LoopyMood - Ukraine

AntVentor – is a Point & Click adventure game by a LoopyMood studio.
You find yourself in a photorealistic macro world where you immediately manage to break the ideal life of the main character Ant and ruin all plans for the realization of his Dream. Can you get everything back in order?

AntVentor - this is the first short chapter of the fascinating trilogy "AntTrilogy", where all events happen in a photorealistic macro world.

The protagonist is the inventor-Ant. Despite his small size, he is aspired by a big Dream.
He lived his simple life, until you showed up and broke his mechanism, his regular life and all his plans.

Now you have to do whatever it takes to help Florantine not only return to his usual life, but also get an opportunity to fulfill his cherished dream.

Together you will overcome difficulties and take part in many adventures, which are just beginning in this first chapter.

PC, iOS, Android
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