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We are Mad Hats Assembly, your friendly neighborhood game dev from sunny Berlin, Germany. We are a team dedicated to mobile games. Right now we are working on Planet Elysia TD, a tower defense game with space pirates, tons of enemies and furious action. 

Planet Elysia TD is in the Beta Store, check it out as long as you can, because we are finishing now!

More importantly, we have a really nice tower defense game and we get great reactions from everyone takes has a look. 

Check us out! 


Mad Hats Assembly

Games from Mad Hats Assembly

Planet Elysia TD
Strategy/RTS , Action
Mad Hats Assembly - Germany

Hello Space Pirates! Welcome to Planet Elysia TD! Venture to the planet Elysia and follow the crew under Captain Scarlett Reed on their hunt for hidden treasue! Waves of aliens are in the way, but the mighty pirate heroes have powerful defense towers and heavy weaponry at their disposal! Make Tower Defense great again! Three regions with specific enemies, 20 towers, 90 levels with more to come.

Mad Hats Assembly is a game developer in Berlin. Our first title Planet Elysia TD is in the Google Play store for testing. The 3D Unity game has been developed for iOS and Android.

We have a solid monetization strategy, including premium heroes, a premium and a soft currency, premium items, hero skins. The Card System that is popular these days will allow for many replays and is bound to lootboxes, which contain the cards.

We want a publisher that is interested in building a proper IP with us. It worked very well for Kingdom Rush, Alien Creeps/Castle Creeps, Bloons and others. Tower Defense is a unique niche, with very loyal players. 

Our team consists of 3 members, all of them have studied gaming.

Let's work together and make Planet Elysia a success. I am available per phone via +491718287833 or per mail under

kind regards

Münzer Philipp

PC, iOS, Android
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