Tesh Samuel
Game Developer

I'm a mobile game developer. I've worked on several projects, including: ColourCity: A location-based pixel art darwing app. Speed-Pong: A 2-Player game which is currently available on the AppStore. & am also working on 2 others: TooManyCooks & DinoDeliveryService.

My skills include 2D and 3D art, UI, coding (c# and java) and I am proficient using Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Unity and Adobe Animate to create my games.

Games from Tesh Samuel

Dino Delivery Service
Simulation , Other
Tesh Samuel - United Kingdom

Welcom to a Modern-Prehistoric world where dinosaur are postmen!

Select your dinosaur, travel to the globe from one prehistoric city to the next and deliver post so that dinosaurkind can avoid the impending apocolypse! 

Discover each cities quirks and hazards as you battle through, dealing with everything from ice ages to post theiving pterodactyls, meteors and worst of all, one way streets!

Dino Delivery Service is a game for all ages, developed for iOS and Android devices. With great gameplay and stunning visuals, Dino Delivery Service is definitely the game to play!

Experience a pre-historic vision of history (and the future) delivering post and travelling from Jurassic Jungles and Swamps to the mountains of Ancient Greece, the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt and even flying off on a rocketship all the way to Mars and The Moon.

Earn DinoCoins and spend them on boosters to enhance your performance or invest in new dinosaurs, each with their own abilities, to meet your needs.

With more than 25 unique levels, an incredible cast of characters and more and more updates to come this is a monsterous game that should keep you engaged longer than its been since the dinosaurs last walked the earth  65 Million years ago!

iOS, Android
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