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Shiny Dolphin Games LLC was founded in 2016 by Kevin Dressel, a programmer who has previously worked at Zynga on games like CityVille, Ninja Kingdom, and Puzzle Charms. Now he’s a full time indie developer.

Games from Shiny Dolphin Games LLC

Zap Blastum
Shooter/FPS , Arcade
Shiny Dolphin Games LLC - USA

A real cover shooter for mobile that everyone can play!

Zap Blastum has one-finger controls that bring the typically hardcore shooter genre to a wider audience without compromising what makes that genre fun.

Tap to move, tap to shoot, tap behind a wall to cover.

The player engages in real-time firefights that mix action and strategy. They can freely move anywhere or target any enemy.

The game has a top-down perspective, but it feels like a third-person shooter.

Warm. Colorful. Explode-y.

Zap Blastum looks like a mobile game.

It stars a cute space alien who loves mayhem and explosions: a tongue-in-cheek parody of the over-muscular space marine.

We’re going for the casual audience that dark and gritty console shooters miss while retaining the hardcore who demand real depth and impact.

About the team

Shiny Dolphin Games LLC is a small indie developer based in Atlanta, GA founded by Kevin Dressel.

Kevin Dressel is an ex-Zynga software engineer who worked on Cityville, Ninja Kingdom, Puzzle Charms, and multiple new IP prototyping teams.

PC, iOS, Android
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