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We are Dazad Entertainment, a team full of kinds of ideas. Three years ago, two people with a goal learned from every and put all the ideas and efforts together, making our own game. With this spirits, the scale of the team gradually came to three people, and then four people. We worked hard on the ideal game in our mind, no matter how others think, still insisting on our way. Step by step, we believe we will success one day. Though the app on Google Play is still in beta phase, it has over 1.5M downloads.

Games from Dazad Entertainment

Local Warfare
Dazad Entertainment - Taiwan

Local Warfare is Multi-player FPS which support LAN and Online. The best part of the game is the intensive gameplay, highly customizable content and nice graphics.

★Features :

*Multi players - LAN and Online!

*Fast paced gaming.

*Image Based Lighting, bring us even more realistic gaming experience!

*Full customization on game control.

*Customizable weapons and equipment.

*Leveling system, battle Online to earn XP to unlock weapons and gears!

*Good performance. No Ultimate device required!

*Handy mobile FPS control method!

*Jump jet- Extend your mobility.

PC, iOS, Android, Web
Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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