Red Dot Studios
Game Developer

Red Dot Studios was founded in summer 2017 and started working on our first title "Buried Alive" in late december 2017.

We are the gamers for the gamers company in the VR industry. Our aim is to push boundaries of VR games with newer gameplay elements and enchanted contents.

Games from Red Dot Studios

Buried Alive VR
Shooter/FPS , Adventure
Red Dot Studios - Turkey

Buried Alive is a VR Horror Shooter game with large scaled maps. Survive indoors or uncover the truth, it all depends on you!


Buried Alive is a VR Zombie Shooter game with large scaled maps and various themes. Gameplay is player dependant, players are allowed to do whatever they want (eg. planking windows and defending indoors or exploring wilderness for resources and story archs) All maps are connected with a story. Game offers replayability and a decent story to satisfy and encourage the player in their path. The story's based on Devil's leaving hell in ancient times to learn about humankind's drives and learn why do they do the things they do. Not much later he understands that humans are problematic creatures so he decides to see further. Devil picked few subjects throughout the ages and gave them their deepest darkest desires. After that he took everything from them and threw them in a manipulated verison of their world to see what would a human do to stay alive!

PC, Virtual Reality
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