Dobre Games
Game Developer

Passionate solo game developer located in Cracow, Poland. I've worked professionally in games industry for 4 years. Quit recently to use games as a form of artistic expression and create more games I love!

I am focused on making atmospheric action games with high replay value.

Games from Dobre Games

Turbo Island Purger
Dobre Games - Poland

Fast-paced roguelike action game with clever item synergies. It is set in alternative 80's retro environment with atmospheric low poly style and procedurally generated levels.

It seems that peace cannot last forever. For some strange reason, robots that once used to serve people, now turned against them.  Your job is to eliminate them so that people can get back to living peacefully on the islands. Traverse through unique, procedurally generated lands and find out what is the cause of this strange disaster.


  • Procedurally generated levels - offering unique experience every time
  • Items which add special abilities and change the way you look
  • Companion drones which will help you in combat
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Gorgeous low poly style
  • Permadeath!


PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo
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