Phuntec Studio
Game Developer

We're a young game studio in Grenoble, France.

Searching the limits of decency with a wink of dark humor we try to take a fresh look on the alchemy of making games.

Currently we are working on our game Lord of Laudanum in which the player will relive the history of Opium and how it evolved into Laudanum. This game is on kickstarter right now to raise funding for it's continued development.

Games from Phuntec Studio

Lord of Laudanum
MMO , Role Playing
Phuntec Studio - France

Lord of Laudanum is an old school type of MMORPG for Linux and Windows PCs with graphics inspired by Trove & Cube World. We’re throwing character levels out the window and focus on skill based progression, giving you the freedom to build your character the way you want.

In the main story you will relive the history of Opium. We will explore the limits of decency with a wink of dark humor.

Walk the Sumerian sands in a loathed desert, craft your weapons, grow your dope and battle to become an ancient drug-lord. Rewrite the history of opium and fight the old gods. Travel to alternate states to build your dream empire or visit the brothels of almost forgotten cities.

Nothing is ever what it seems to be. You will feast on your addiction while raising your skills, battle with gods to build your empire and march the hot sands of the Sumerian desert and beyond. Explore the world and your mind and remember,

… there can be only one Lord of Laudanum!

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