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Master Lander
Arcade , Action
A14 Games - Poland

It's like Lunar Lander but with point gravity and orbiting.

Master Lander will mess with your ambition.

And it can get really frustrating at times.

But in space...

...no one can hear you swear.

Master Lander is a hard-to-beat 2D physics driven landing game with a point gravity. You take on a role of remote lander pilot. Your task is to bring the lander from the orbits down to surfaces of different exoplanets. In order to achieve high score award you need to hover close to alien artifacts scattered on the planets before landing precisely in designated zone. By controlling the thrust of two rocket engines you need to adjust your velocity in order to descend from the orbit and land softly cosmodrome landing pad. Watch your fuel, altitude and attitude to land like a pro!

Playable protype of Master Lander was presented during Pixel Heaven 2016 event in Warsaw.

Android and PC demo version of Master Lander was presented at Indie Showcase in Digital Dragons 2017 event in Cracov.

The game was released in April 2018.

Try the free demo at:


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