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FINIFUGU && friends is a studio that makes small but scalable, high-concept interactive mobile experiences. The the team is made up of a non-static group of friends that use a multi-disciplinary design approach app and game design.

Based in Central London, FINIFUGU && friends is directed and operated by Semone (Jai) Bunnag.

Games from FINIFUGU && friends

Too Many Cooks
FINIFUGU && friends - United Kingdom

TOO MANY COOKS is a 3-6 player local, co-op, party game for mobile (iOS and Android) where your team works together run a kitchen. Players use their own mobile device to chop, steam and wash their way to victory while constantly talking and sending items and tools between the team. Players interact verbally and are encouraged to use communication and organisation to optimise their teamwork!

Are you totally in-sync with your friends? Would you make an excellent team?  Put that teamwork to the kitchen counter, the more the merrier! But, even simple things are tough when there are so many of you!

TOO MANY COOKS is a cooperative party game for 3 to 6 players who pass tools and ingredients at each other in the hopes of running a restaurant. Each player needs a mobile device.

Each chef will be assigned random tools like chopping boards and sinks. As a team, you will be passing around tools and ingredients around while trying to figure out the best way to tackle each gauntlet of orders for iconic foods from around the world! But, counter space is scarce and you will need to work with your team before the stack of orders fail… and explode?

Winners of PGConnect's Mobile Big Indie Pitch 2018, Nominated for SXSW Gamer's Voice (Mobile).

iOS, Android, Windows Phone
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