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The JDE is a program for students at DePaul University to grow as game developers. Inspired from the former ‘DePaul Gaming Elitists/Experience’, our goal is to use the experience to create games for prospective festivals. Started in the Spring of 2016, the team were selectively chosen based off interviews, work ethics, production, and overall development experience. The program consists of collaborative game jams, various concentration workshops, industry guest speakers, creative field trips, and much more.

Games from JDE

Puzzle , Platform

Use your celestial powers to move objects in the world and bring back the great animal constellations of the world.

Orion, the famed hunter, sought to fracture the stars of all the animal constellations in the world. However, Vulpecula, the elusive fox constellation was able to escape his wrath and take shelter in the sanctuary of the stars, Artemis' observatory. As this fox, use your celestial powers to restore your fellow animal constellations to their former glory. Be warned though, while you can transfer your power to move objects in the world, even stars have their limits.

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