Acid Green Games
Game Developer

Acid Green Games is an indie game development team based in Iran. Currently, we are 6 developers, 1 designer, 1 artist and 4 programmers.

We love creating innovative games and attending game jams! 

Our first game as a team is Live TV Tycoon, a tycoon mobile game about managing your own TV station.

Games from Acid Green Games

Live TV Tycoon
Casual/Social , Strategy/RTS
Acid Green Games - Iran

“Live TV Tycoon” is a tycoon game for Android and iOS platforms, providing the experience of managing a TV station

Your duty is buying and using different upgrades, purchasing various types of programs from your agency or recording them in your studio, scheduling to broadcast appropriate TV programs, choosing the right time to broadcast TV commercials and examining views of shown programs.

Every time you produce a new show you can create a unique animation for it. Use a list of infinite actions, backgrounds, stars and props to create any show you want and share it with other players. Gain more assets by progressing in each category and create funniest shows ever!

iOS, Android
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