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Maggese is the Italian word for fallow, and it's a field cultivated by developers that love to create narrative meaningful experiences. We are not a company, but people.

Maggese is driven by the will to demonstrate that games can be much more than simple fun. We don't want to make fun games. We want to make games that give you something (an emotion, a sensation or a message), games that can provide high-quality entertainment.

Games from Maggese

Don't Make Love
Other , Adventure
Maggese - Germany

How to solve a situation without a solution? Don’t Make Love is a PC game about a conversation of a praying mantis couple.

Constantly torn between their mutual love and the instinct to have sex with its terrible consequences - the possible death of the male mantis -, they are now on the verge of making a decision. The player will be able to assume the role of either of the two lovers with the goal to keep their relationship in balance. Breaking up, staying together or having sex are all possible outcomes.

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