Vidloonnya Reborn
Game Developer

We are Vidloonnya Reborn – a game development team located in Ukraine.

 We are inspired by masterpieces like Journey, ABZU, ICO, Fe and others alike, we believe in the immersive interactive experience. Deeply inspired, we're building a game with the purpose of making people feel good and experience light emotions. We love working on Sayri and building something that will empower us to offer all of that, to families around the world.

Games from Vidloonnya Reborn

Sayri Adventure
Adventure , Family
Vidloonnya Reborn - Ukraine

the third-person story-driven adventure powered by values of Non-Violence, Friendship, and Beauty!

Sayri lost his home and his family because of a horrible catastrophe of his planet. An evacuation capsule of Sayri landed on an unknown planet. Sayri is injured after crashy landing but he does not give up and wants to survive.

The main objective is to help Sayri to find a new home, lost family and reveal an unexpected story of his essence.

USPs: Story + Cute + Friendship + Unique graphical setting

  • A unique way of solving puzzles by interacting with friendly NPC characters, built around their different behaviors and personalities.
  • This clever AI lives in a stunning pseudo open world that's visually rich with storytelling. This story and mutual relations with the inhabitants create a fun and emotional experience that offers a fresh breeze of family games.
PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo
Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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