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Tresreis Games is a leading innovative game development company focus its attention on cross platform games. We understood the games from addictive word games to knowledge enhancing puzzle games to interactive physics games to all lots of fun games. We do Game Development and services from concept to implementation

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SpacewAR Uprising
Action , Adventure
Tresreis Games - India

SPACEWAR UPRISING is the ultimate augmented reality galactic war game – in which you take control of a heavily-equipped spaceship and destroy alien battleships.

Play the exciting extra-terrestrial infinite war game SPACE UPRISING.

You are one of the most intrepid military pilots on the Earth.
You are given warships stacked with a wide range of weapons.
You need to destroy all alien spaceships
You need to protect X-Castera and be one of the Guardians of Earth
Get into the cockpit and fight bravely
The player has to move around to play this super exciting Augmented Reality game
Spaceships will come close to the player through space entrances
Locate your enemies on the RADAR screen
Collect Space Chips from the destroyed spaceships
Utilise the Space Chips to buy advanced battleships and fight better
Find a suitable location to place and activate X-Castera
Protect X-Castera from the savagery alien spaceships.
Destroy all alien spaceships and collect space chips from them

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