Free Galaktus Contest
AdoptMyGame is the main partner of the contest Free Galaktus. It's an exciting opportunity for all developers.

There are many prizes to win:
- 2-month PR campaign in Poland and Europe by the Galaktus PR Agency
- Playable stands on events such as:
Digital Dragons 2018 Indie Showcase | Pixel Heaven 2018 | East Games United 2017 | Indie Prize at Casual Connect London 2018 | Reboot Develop Expo
- Developer tickets to the Digital Dragons 2018 & Reboot Develop
- One-year premium account of the Brand24 service
- Business ticket for Gaming Istanbul

Games could be submitted from 11.09 2017 till 31.10.2017. There will be two winners – selected by Jury’s Choice and via People’s Choice poll.
We are displaying some contest candidates here below.

See more info and vote by visiting Free Galaktus website
Save Your Nuts
Action , Sports
Triple Scale Games - Canada

Squirrels face Dogs in a physics-based soccer battle. Cooperate with your teammates, grab the right items and kick your opponents to win the competition and save your nuts in this multiplayer-focused party game. Be the 1st to save 5 nuts. Each game is a short and intense match playable solo, local-multiplayer or online for competition. It becomes quickly addictive.

-Social synergy
Team play is the core of the gameplay (cooperation and confrontation); players have to cooperate with teammates in order to save their nuts. The game encourages players to create strategies and communicate to release special combos.

-Sport feeling
The gameplay mechanics based on the physical behavior of the nuts provides a feeling of sports game like soccer or hockey. Use your skills to aim and play strategically. It’s easy to play, but hard to master.

1 to 4 Players + Bots
Play 1v1 or 2v2 in coop or competition modes. Missing players? Add bots (AI) and select the difficulty you prefer.


Interactive environments, power-ups, traps and special items make each party unique.


Unlock new characters, weapons, maps and wearable items. 

-Couch Party Mode, Online Competition, Matchmaking and more!

PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo
Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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