The Big Indie Fest ReVersed
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Vienna, Austria

5-8 July 2018

The event will span 4 days – with the first two focused on business activity connecting over 300 developers with publishers, platforms and related service companies, sharing some knowledge via talks and workshops, showcasing games and networking with the match-making system.

Below you see games from this event as well as from the events ReVersed 2017 and Radius 2016 (not exactly the same event but in the same location and with some of the same organizers).

Thirteen & Half Cats
Nekomatata - France

Thirteen & Half Cats proves that a story-rich game can rouse a deep and meaningful experience in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea.

You have a mysterious curse. Learn magic spells that will help you to collect 13 and a half cats and find your way again.

"Thirteen & Half Cats is an emotional experience that was made specifically to put a little brightness in your day."
- Nekomatata Games

With its fresh and vibrant 3D art style and magical context juxtaposed with real-life situations and emotions, Thirteen & Half Cats definitely stands out from the crowd. It is a story that resonates with players of all ages and abilities.

Nekomatata has made several games over the past two years and this is the one we are most proud of. The tone that we set when designing the story, game mechanics and general feeling of the game is our biggest success to date.

We have great hopes that players will resonate with the emotions we've shared through mystery, exploration and the characters involved.

This is our way to express a deep, personal message about mourning and remembrance. We couldn't have written it with words alone.

PC, Android
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